What we’re reading 7-23-15

Here are the things we’ve found interesting or noteworthy this morning:

What Happens If the Social Security Trust Fund Runs Out in 2O34?-The good and bad news is that benefits will probably continue, but at a lower rate.
You’re probably paying less in taxes than you think-Despite the misleading title, this article is really about things you can do to minimize your tax bill now, while you still have 6 months to do it.
Use the backdoor Roth IRA while you still can-This article mainly concerns folks with a high enough income to have a nondeductible traditional IRA.
What your credit card actually covers when you rent a car-This article breaks down the best card to use for renting a car, as well as some tricks to save you money when you rent a car.
The $4,600 mistake most drivers make-Shopping for car insurance can save you a lot of money, and most people should do it once a year. The $4600 figure is a 12-year figure, but almost $400 per year is pretty good savings.
Interest-Only Mortgages Are Back … Should We Be Afraid?-Currently, these loans are not exactly the same as the ones that lead us into the financial crisis. (notice the word currently)
10 Financial Milestones to Achieve in Your 40s and 50s-A good list of goals. There’s another list here for your 20s and 30s.

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