What we’re reading 7-22-15

Here are the things we’ve found interesting or noteworthy this morning:

Can Jet.com’s Wall Street programmers outwit Amazon and Walmart?-This new shopping venue opened yesterday, with promises of really low prices for a yearly membership fee of $49.99. Jet’s website says you can get 3 months of membership free, and you can browse without being a member. You can see a comparison to Amazon here.

Think twice before signing on for a free trial: Hidden costs and other traps can make such offers very costly-Please forgive the irony of the placement, but we can all use a reminder that free trials are a way for companies to get you in the door. Make sure that you are only paying for things you want to pay for.

How Reading Your Social Security Statement Can Make You Richer-Using the statement information to decide when and how to take benefits can mean more money for your retirement.

7 Ways to Save on Taxes when you’re between Jobs-While being between jobs is not fun, there are some opportunities to save on taxes by taking some opportunities when they won’t push you into a new tax bracket, and taking advantage of some available credits.

Periodic Table Of Dividend Champions – Which Champions Have The Best Combinations Of Yield And DGR?-If you like to invest in dividend-producing stocks, this is an interesting article. Like a lot of Seeking Alpha content, it is aimed at folks who understand investing concepts and terms. (For instance, DGR stands for dividend growth rates)

A former car salesman reveals 4 tricks dealers use to get you to spend — and how to outsmart them-As the article says at the beginning, big ticket items are a good place to save money, but you have to be prepared.

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