What we’re reading 7-20-15

Here are the things we’ve found interesting or noteworthy this morning:

Which renovations fetch the most bang for their buck? On Golden Girl Finance. We’re doing a kitchen upgrade. Good to know that it has a relatively high return on investment.

Jim Paulsen: THIS may cause ‘full blown’ correction.  Thoughts on where the market might go.

MLPs under threat From The IRS. On Yahoo Finance. Master Limited Partnerships have become a lot more popular in the last decade.  Even though Congress is discussing extending the range of businesses for which MLPs can be formed to renewable energy, the IRS is considering new rules which may make this type of investment less attractive.

The Skinny on share buybacks From Dividend.com. Discussion on the disadvantages of a company’s buying back shares versus issuing dividends.

Free college plans ‘no silver bullet’ for what ails graduates and As kids near college, keep watchful eye on 529 plans on nbr.com.

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