Our 2016 Year in Review

As we wrap up our year, Jon, Little Bit and I would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas.

We’ll be taking a couple of days off, so we’ll be back on Thursday the 29th with our thoughts about for the new year, but for now, I figured I’d look at where we are at the end of 2016.

Somehow, 2016 doesn’t feel that different from our 2015.

Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. Once I start listing our accomplishments, they don’t sound so measly after all.


  • Last year, we concentrated on cutting expenses. We cut more in 2016, including cable and (at least temporarily) satellite radio, nudged our utility bills way down, and (mostly) stayed in the grocery budget.
  • We maintained our expense tracking for the entire year! Yay!
  • Our net worth kept going up, due to careful spending and investment returns. We could do better but it beats going down.
  • We kept our tenants. Much easier to keep good ones than find them.
  • We paid off one of the rentals, reducing our debt and increasing our cash flow.


  • We went on three(!) vacations, including finally taking Little Bit to the Magic Kingdom. We’d been talking about the last forever, so it’s good to knock it off the list and move on to other (hopefully less costly) destinations.
  • Everyone’s healthy, and we spent plenty of time together.
  • Jon and I taught Sunday school and made all of our church commitments, and I added a new volunteer gig at Little Bit’s school.


Our 2016 Year in Review

What We Didn’t Do

No, we didn’t hit all our goals. I’ve struggled to set good habits and shed bad ones.

I need to figure out how to get more exercise and vegetables into my life, and I’d like to feel I was able to help more folks with our work on the blog.

And, reading Lindsay’s post over at Notorious D.E.B.T. this week, I’ve realized we’ve probably gone as far as we can go with cutting expenses. We did okay, but we need to crank up the revenue streams this year. While that may give me new things to write about, it probably won’t directly affect the blog.

Merry Christmas from JohnJaneDoe.com

Enjoy a Happy Holiday season from the Jividen family. We hope to see you in the next year as we continue on our journey to get our finances together.

Merry Christmas, y’all!

When you look back over 2016, what progress do you see?

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