Jon’s Investing Story, Part 1: Thank you Bill Berger

Jon Headshot2Sometimes the best advice comes from the most unlikely places. About 22 years ago, while watching a business news channel, I noticed a rather grandfatherly-looking gentleman with white hair, a white beard and glasses on a commercial.

“Hi, I am Bill Berger, president of the Berger Funds…” He began to speak about the ups and downs of the market, investing with mutual funds, and closed with the idea that the most important step is the decision to get started as an investor. “With low amounts for your initial investment and low monthly minimum amounts for regular investors, you can open an IRA and get started today.” (Quotes may not reflect exactly what was said 22 years ago.)

I stopped and thought about it, and realized that he was right. I didn’t need lots of money, or lots of analysis to pick the perfect stock. After literally years of thinking and reading and research (and years of business training and education), I made the decision. I called the Berger funds and asked for an IRA enrollment kit, and several prospectuses.

When the information came in, I filled out a one page enrollment form, wrote a check for $250 (This was 22 years ago. Minimum investments are likely different now), and chose the Berger Small Cap Growth Fund to invest in as I had read before that small cap growth funds had the highest returns over time. After that, I made a monthly $50 investment in that mutual fund.

In retrospect, the best investment advice I ever got was simple…”The most important decision is the decision to start investing.”

Thanks again, Bill Berger!.

Historical returns do not guarantee future investment return success. As always, before jumping in the deep end of the pool, please consult with a legal, tax and/or investment professional.

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