Fund Your Little Indulgences Easily With Swagbucks

Earlier this month, when my Amazon e-book settlement credits ran out before I could pick up some new release e-books, I realized that I really liked having credit at Amazon. I started looking for ways to increase my Amazon credit to pick up e-books I knew I couldn’t get at my local library, and turned to Swagbucks.

Last February, I decided to join Swagbucks. I had read about it on numerous sites, and finally took the plunge when I read this article on Swagbucks for Beginners by Abigail at I Pick Up Pennies.

This month, I finally cashed in what I’d earned so far. 2200 Swagbucks for a $25 Amazon credit. However, that only made a small dent in my wish list. So I decided that before my next e-book craving hit, I’d ramp up my Swagbucks to cover it.

Instead of getting about 50 SB this month, as I’d been getting most of the time, I figured I needed to get somewhere between 1000-1500 a month to meet my e-book habit. However, i didn’t want to spend a lot of extra time or money earning them. So I figured out how to get more Swagbucks while not really investing more time on the site.

How am I doing it? The easiest ways possible.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a program that rewards you with points you can redeem for gift cards or even cash to your PayPal account for doing various things online. You can earn points (Swagbucks) by buying things online, watching videos, taking surveys and searching the web.

If you’re a smart Swagbucks user, you’ll get rewarded just for doing things you’d do anyway without doing much extra, or for multitasking in front of the TV.

The rewards? You can earn a number of attractive gift cards, including Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Walmart and Visa, so there’s options for almost any shopping preference. Some are even as low as $5. You can even donate your points to your favorite cause.

(You can also get Swagbucks if you talk people into joining. If you want to sign up with my referral code after you read my article, you’ll get your Swagbucks and I’ll get a Swagbuck for every 10 you earn.)

Swagbucks Glossary

Swagbucks does have some special terms. Here’s a list of some of the most common:

Swagbuck: One point in their system.Most of the time, 1 Swagbuck is worth a penny, but sometimes you can get a specific gift card for less than a 1-1 ratio. Often abbreviated to SB.

Swagbutton: Browser extension. This alerts you to Swagcodes and other earning opportunities, helps you activate shopping codes, and gives you an easy way to use Swagbucks search. You can get it for Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Swagcode: Random codes, usually found on the Swagbucks website or Facebook page, that can be entered on the Swagbutton or Swagbooks App, usually for 2-3 SBs per code. The only disadvantage is that most have to be entered one place or the other, which is inconvenient if you get a Swagbutton code while you are out and about.

Answer: Surveys to take for SB.

Watch: Videos to stream for SB.

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Tips and Tricks

In trying to earn a few extra SBs, I’ve picked up my own list of things to do to maximize my return.

General Swagbucks

Install Swagbucks on your phone, and watch videos there (via Wi-Fi of course). I get twice as many SBs for watching videos on my phone as I do on my computer. While that’s 2 instead of 1, I can just have it going as I do other things. Like type this article, for instance. Plus, some Swagcodes only work on the mobile app, and you can enable Swagcode notifications on the go.

Install the Swagbutton on your browser. If you’re shopping, it will alert you about opportunities to activate shopping codes to earn more. It will also alert you as to active Swagcodes (which often can be only entered in the Swagbutton.)

Follow Swagbucks on Twitter and Facebook to get codes and become aware of special contests.

Use Swagbucks as your default search engine. I generally get at least a few Swagbucks from search every day. I can always use another search engine afterward if necessary, but the Swagbucks search works fine most of the time.

Swagbucks gives you bonuses if you hit a certain level of SB on a given day. It’s pretty easy to hit the first bonus each day. One survey usually clears the bar.


When you do polls, remember that some of them reward you for attempting the poll and some don’t. The ones that don’t have an i beside them. I look for the surveys that give the best minute to SB ratio but still reward for attempts.

That 1 minute survey that has the i beside it? That usually redirects you to another poll to complete before you get any Swagbucks. You’ll spend a lot more than a minute trying to get your SBs. Don’t fall for it!

Like most survey sites, Answer asks for lots of personal information. Don’t make things up, but know your limits. I won’t do any surveys about health care or anything I feel funky about sharing. If you don’t like the survey, close the window and try a different one.

Doing the Daily Poll, however, means answering one multiple choice question for a guaranteed SB. Plus, they’ll show you percentage of the answers from all of the users, which can be entertaining. Totally worth it.


This should go without saying, but don’t buy anything just for the Swagbucks.

Be careful with free trials. If you sign up for them, make sure you cancel if you don’t want to pay for something you really don’t want.

Check the shop activation message carefully. I kept wondering why I wasn’t getting much in the way of SB at Amazon when I was activating the code. Then I realized they were only rewarding a few types of purchases, which wasn’t what I was making. I would have been better using a different site. You also don’t usually get points for buying gift cards unless you buy it at the gift card site.

If you’re a coupon user, browse the coupons: You get 10 SB per redeemed coupon.


If you’re working at your computer, try Radio Loyalty for your music. You get SBs for entering Captcha codes every 20 minutes. While it’s closer to what you can get on your regular radio than listening to Pandora, it’s pretty easy and is less disruptive than trying to watch videos while you’re doing other things. (note–somehow, the link for Radio Loyalty on Swagbucks seems to have disappeared this week.)

The Swagbucks games hardly ever give SB. I find them a waste of time unless I’m letting Little Bit play for me, but she likes Jump.

Swagbucks runs promotions or contests most of the time where members who sign up and participate can earn extra SB. I usually participate, and get a few extra SB that way.

Fund Your Little Indulgences with Swagbucks

Swagbucks won’t make you rich. It’s not a job or even really a hustle. But it is an easy and convenient way to up your income a little or notch down your expenses with gift cards. For a minimum of effort, you can pick up a little treat, buy some gifts, or just get a little extra money.

As a way funding little indulgences, that’s not bad.

What’s Your Best Swagbucks Hack?

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