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I have a guest post (first ever!) over at Medium Sized Family today entitled How to Have Stress-Free, Profitable Transactions with Resellers.

I spent 17 years working for a chain of used book and music (and movie and video game) stores. I had many roles, from book shelver to retail troubleshooter. In that time, I saw how people can work with resellers in profitable ways. I also saw examples of, how they can sabotage their deal by not following a few simple rules that meant they didn’t get the best price possible. If you are interested in selling your unwanted stuff or trading it in for things you need now, you should head over.

If you’ve come over from Medium Sized Family, welcome!

My husband Jon and I started this blog one year ago to explore and share our journey toward better finances.

Thanks to our readers’ support and suggestions, we’ve seen our expenses drop and our net worth inch up. Over the past year we’ve explored options for college savings for our 6 year old daughter and introduced her to financial topics, adjusted to life without Bravo and ESPN, changed out our phone service for one way cheaper, dropped unneeded subscriptions and overpriced investing fees, and made all sorts of adjustments to reduce our utility and grocery bills.

While we both write on a range of money-related topics, my posts are focused more on frugal living and teaching kids about money. Jon likes to write about projects and tricks you can do to your house or car to save money. He’s the naturally frugal one, I’m the one who struggles to stay financially disciplined.

Some of our more popular posts include:

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