10 Non-Shopping Things to Do on the Day After Thanksgiving

Happy Day after Thanksgiving! I won’t call it Black Friday, because I don’t want to contribute to the shopping frenzy. If you’re a reforming Black Friday shopper, though, here are some things you can do to fill up your day:

  1. Go ahead and do your Christmas decorating. No, it’s not original. However, it is festive and you probably already have most of the things you need on hand.
  2. Have a holiday leftover Cooking Contest: Pretend to be on Chopped or Top Chef, and compete to see who does the best job of turning Turkey Day leftovers into gourmet fair. Why go with Turkey Tetrazini when you can eat Cranberry Turkey Barbeque.
  3. Have a Movie or TV Marathon: Planning on seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? Try to watch all 8 Harry Potter movies this weekend. Harry Potter not your thing? Maybe Star Wars. Walking Dead. Lifetime Christmas movies. The numerous really bad B movies on Amazon Prime. Football. Basketball. There are a million options for binge watching bliss.
  4. Game Tournament: Play your favorite games or try something new and challenging. When’s the last time you played bridge? or Chutes and Ladders?
  5. Cuddle up with a good book. Lots of public libraries have downloadable e-books so you may not even need to leave your house to enjoy a good free read. Even if not, you may have a bunch of books in your “to-read” pile and the day after Thanksgiving is a great day to start paring it down.
  6. Walk off a little of that Thanksgiving excess with a long fall hike or a brief stroll. Hit the gym. Hit the exercise equipment around your house. Do some yardwork. The holidays and cold weather often encourage us to spend more time on the couch, so counteract that trend with some conscientious movement.
  7. Go through your house to see if you are inspired to do some DIY gifts, regifting, or donating to the needy. You might be able to knock out a bunch of presents without doing any shopping at all, or help someone else out with things you no longer need.
  8. Visit with family. Look through old photos, relive old memories, remember those who are no longer with you and enjoy just being together. Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to enjoy being with family you seldom see.
  9. If you have cool crisp weather, set up a bonfire or get ready for some autumn evening star gazing. Dress comfortably and bring something warm to drink.
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So enjoy your day after Thanksgiving! Have fun, enjoy life, save money, and do something other than shop!

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