Are You Prepared to Take our Estate Plan Checkup?

Do you have an estate plan? Do you know what would happen if you died or became incapacitated? Estate planning isn’t fun to think about, and getting all of your affairs squared away can be daunting. Frankly, it’s an easy thing to let slide. You’re a busy person, and you will be around for a long time. Right? Right? Maybe, maybe not. Even if you’re young, healthy and childless, you probably don’t want to leave the courts and your loved ones wrangling over your estate. If you have a child, it’s even more important to prepare for the possibility that you won’t be able to see them to adulthood. Take our estate plan checkup to see where you might need to make some additions, adjustments or changes to your affairs.

And if you don’t have an estate plan, or you know that you haven’t done all of the things you should to prepare for not being around? Almost 55% of American adults don’t have a will, so you aren’t alone. Take our estate plan checkup to see some suggestions for you to follow to get your affairs in order, like filling out a personal balance sheet.

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