Retirement Planning

Target Date Funds-The Autopilot Solution to Retirement Planning

Target-Date Funds are one of the most common and most-utilized investments in 401K plans. While they provide an easy, understandable way of investing and rebalancing your portfolio as you approach retirement, they may not be the best choice for everyone. Learn the pros and cons of target-date funds, and why some target-date funds are better than others.

Would you invest in a Tontine (If it Was Legal)?

The Tontine sounds to me like the premise for an all-star senior citizen action-comedy: You make a bargain with a group of people to purchase an annuity. You split the purchase price and the annuity payments amongst the group. As members die off, the remaining members get larger and larger payments, until there are no living members of the group.
Would you invest in an investment vehicle that explicitly paid you more because your fellow investors died?