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Baby Steps to Reducing Adult Gift Giving at Christmas

Dad: “So what do you want for Christmas?”

Me: “Ummm….World Peace?”

I find it really difficult to give gifts to the beloved adults in my life. And it’s just as hard to come up with things I’d like to get. When you’re a kid, or buying for a kid, things are easy. Buy a toy, any toy, that looks like it would be fun. Toy cars and race track? Fun. Skateboard? Fun. Paint? Fun. You watch them tear open the package and start to play and you know you picked wisely.

It’s different when you’re buying for grownups. Adult gift giving is hard

Final Thoughts: The Jividens Wrap Up Their 31 Days of Living Well and Spending Zero Challenge

Financial challenges are a great way of focusing your attention on your spending or saving habits. They show you what you can do easily, what you struggle with, where you tend to cheat, and where you want to cheat but don’t. So where are we now that October is over? What will we take forward now that we aren’t getting daily emails encouraging us to stay focused and reach the goal?