Target Date Funds-The Autopilot Solution to Retirement Planning

Target-Date Funds are one of the most common and most-utilized investments in 401K plans. While they provide an easy, understandable way of investing and rebalancing your portfolio as you approach retirement, they may not be the best choice for everyone. Learn the pros and cons of target-date funds, and why some target-date funds are better than others.

Looking at Company Financial Statements and Ratios: Shareholder’s Equity

If you want to know how well a company looks after the interests of its shareholders, you won’t find it just by looking at the balance sheet or income statement. Look at the Statement of Shareholder’s Equity. It combines information from the balance sheet, income statement, cash flows and notes to the financial statement to show you all of the equity changes in one place.

11 Changes to Cut Food Waste

There are three people in my house: One of us (me) eats anything, another of us eats anything in small portions, and a third who only eats white bread, apple sauce and things with cheese on them. Preferably slices of white bread with cheese on it. Looking at our grocery bills, we easily spend over $500 a month. So this weekend, I spent a little time figuring out why the heck does my little family of three spend so much? It has a lot to do with food waste.