You’d like to guest post on Great, but I’d like you to read this first.

Our blog has hosted several guest posts, and I’m quite open to hosting more. If you have a great idea for a guest post centered around frugal living, investing, financial literacy, or other money-related topics, I’d love to hear it.

That said, I’d like to set a few guiding principles to help us both get the guest posting experience we want.

First, take a minute to read our About Us page, which will introduce you to Jon and me and to our blog.

Next, I strongly recommend that you make a comment on a blog post or two before you make a pitch. I’m going to be more receptive towards your pitch if you introduce yourself as a member of our community rather than as a stranger.

If you’re still interested in a guest post, submit the form below rather than the basic “Contact Us” form. I’ll let you know whether we agree that we should move forward together. If I agree, I’ll also explain how you can submit your post.

Once you submit your post, I’ll take some time to make any changes I think are necessary. After you’ve seen and agreed to the changes, I’ll come up with graphics and run the post on the next available Thursday.

All guest posts should be checked for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I’d also like you to explain why this post is important and relevant to both you and our readers. Share your experiences, and help our readers connect with your passion and voice.

I’ll  expect you to share any guest post you submit on your social media accounts and link from your own blog. I’d prefer that you answer reader comments as well. If that’s not possible, I’d like to know in advance so that I can make sure that comments get timely responses.

If we can’t reach the point where we both feel your post will work for the blog and our readers, I reserve the right to not run your post.



Last updated 8/1/17