30 More Simple Ways to Save Money

Last year, we came up with our 100 Simple Ways to Save Money post.

We’ve continued to come up with new ways to save money. Some are from our own experiences, some we learn about from other blogs. And whenever we send out one of our weekly newsletters, we include a new money-saving tip as well as a unique mini-post. So we’re constantly finding new hints to help you save a little money so you can do a little more with what you have, and we’re sharing again.


General Savings

Late fees are expensive! Keep a list of the due dates for all your bills, and make sure you always pay on time.

Have you checked missingmoney.com? It’s linked to state unclaimed asset offices and can show you if you have any money from old bank accounts, insurance settlements, utility deposits, etc.

Did you know that almost one-third of all credit card rewards go unclaimed? Check your card! See if you have rewards you aren’t using that you can cash in on something you need.

Heating and Cooling

Make sure you are replacing your air filters in your home on a regular basis. Maximizing the air flow with clean filters means your HVAC unit doesn’t need to work nearly as hard.

Install a ceiling fan and use it to circulate cool air in summer or (reversed) warm air in winter. It can also help keep your house comfortable in those shoulder seasons when you’d rather not turn your AC on yet.

Got an attached garage? Keep it closed during cold and hot weather so that you are better insulating the house.

Use psychological tricks to feel comfortable in your house without changing the thermostat. On cold days, feel cozier by lighting candles, drinking hot drinks or watching the Yule log. On hot days, drink cool drinks, play some beachy tunes or listen to waves on a white noise app.

If a cooler house is fine most of the time but makes showering uncomfortable, consider using a space heater in your bathroom. It will cost less to keep that room warmer for a short time than to heat up the whole house.

Most home-oriented folks know to insulate around the doors and windows to the outdoors. Almost as important is insulating around the doors to the areas of your house that aren’t temperature controlled. If you have an attic, basement or crawlspaces, make sure that their entries are just as well insulated as the other entries into your house.

Install socket sealers on your electrical outlets to reduce draft.

Recessed lights can be another source of drafts. A recessed light cover isn’t expensive and will help block them.

If you have a guest room in your house or other room you don’t regularly use, close it off and shut the vents until needed.


Extra room in your freezer makes your freezer work harder. If you have extra room, fill some bottles with water and pack your freezer so it can work more efficiently. You can use those same bottles in your coolers to keep food cold when you travel instead of buying ice packs or bags of ice.

Make sure the seals on your refrigerator are keeping all the cold air in. Otherwise, it has to work much harder.

Clean you dryer vents regularly. Better air flow means more efficient dryer usage (and lower risk of a house fire!)

Use the clothes dryer consecutively on loads of laundry. That conserves the energy used to heat it up.

Wash full loads of laundry or dishes, rather than partial loads OR overfull loads. Too full, and your clothes/dishes don’t get clean. Too empty, and you aren’t getting good utility out of your water and electrical use. Look for the Goldilocks zone…not too full, not too empty, just right.


30 More Simple Ways to Save Money

Smart Shopping

The pink tax is real, to the effect of around $1351 a year.  Items like toys and clothes that are manufactured and marketed to women and girls tend to cost more than those manufactured and marketed to men and boys. On items that are really gender neutral (shaving cream and shampoo come to mind), make the comparison between products so you at least conscious of the price differences when making your purchases.

Couponer? Check the coupons on Swagbucks. Not only are they usually pretty good, you also get 10 Swagbucks per coupon redeemed.

Before you check out at the grocery store, check your cart. Is there something in there that you really don’t need? Putting just one item back per trip will probably trim over $100 a year off your grocery budget.

Instead of the seasonal aisle for holiday candy, check out the regular candy at dollar stores. Even though they sometimes use smaller bags, the price per item still tends to be better.

Instead of renting your wireless router or modem from your internet provider, buy them. The savings should pay off in just a couple of months.

Did you know you can stack app savings? Sometimes you can get rebates on Ibotta, Saving Star and Checkout 51, even if you use coupons. Getting one rebate doesn’t prohibit you from getting another.

Cooking Hacks

Cooking meat in a slow cooker? Try using the braising liquid for cooking dried beans or lentils.

When heating on the stove, use pot lids so you don’t have to turn the heat as high.

Have you shopped at ethnic food stores? Not only can you pick up exotic ingredients and spices, they can also have some terrific prices on everyday items.

To make meat go further, consider adding fillers like veggies, onions, oats or breadcrumbs. You can also use smaller amounts of stronger tasting meats, like ground lamb.


Parking your car in the sun during hot weather doesn’t just make your car hot, it also evaporates gas faster. Park in the shade and keep the interior and your gas tank cooler!

On road trips, a little planning goes a long way. Pack some snacks and a refillable water bottle to ward off temptation when you stop for gas or potty breaks.

Schedule your vacations during shoulder season (right before or right after peak) to save money while still enjoying good weather. Think the beach in September or May, or skiing in the spring.

What are some more simple ways to save money?

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