Surprise! JohnJaneDoe Celebrates 2 Years of Blogging

We hit and surpassed the two-year mark this month. I totally forgot about marking our blogoversary last week, but we went live 7/20/15.

For much of the year, I’ve struggled with blogging burnout. I took most of February off and dropped the number of posts I did a month from 2 to 1. Cutting back helped, as did the awesome feedback I get on the blog, on our reader survey, and on social media. I thought about quitting but ultimately decided that I wasn’t ready to give up.

That meant I bit the bullet and renewed my domain, instead of joining the throngs of financial bloggers who’ve started and stalled out. Many of them had far better posts than I’ve managed here.

I feel really good about what we’re doing. You guys have helped us a ton on our journey to better finances through frugal living and investing. We appreciate the all of the advice, encouragement, and comradery you’ve offered us.

So as we go into year 3, Thank You! We’re further along on our journey than we’d be without you, and we enjoy it a great deal more with your company.

Post Roundup:

We’ve published 239 posts.Some stand out more than others.

Most Popular Post: Dollar Store Holiday Purchases That Won’t Make You Feel Scroogish wins by a longshot. It got a big boost from Pinterest and has more than twice the number of views of any other post.

Most Popular Post Topic: Video Streaming posts. The posts we did on Sling TV was our second-highest performing post, and our Amazon Add-On Subscription post is in the top 5. We’ve done 4 posts about our streaming experiences so far, with a 5th written and ready to publish.

Post with the Most Staying Power: I Miss Pizza and Paper Plates: A Guy’s Take on 31 Days Living Well & Spending Zero Challenge was written in October 2015 during our first No-Spend Month. It still gets a good amount of views each month.

Posts that Got Props: Financially Savvy Saturdays picked How to Be a Millionaire: Jon’s 10 Minute Speech to New Grads, the Sling Review, Today’s Hot Question: Can You Live without  Air Conditioning? and Two Dollars Worth of Plastic Bags are Teaching Me about Breaking Bad Habits as posts of the week.

Post that Got the Most Comments: State of the Blog: July 2016, celebrating our last Blogoversary. Runner Up was Tackling Too Much Stuff: Kicking Off Our 2017 Decluttering Project.

Surprise! JohnJaneDoe Celebrates 2 Years of Blogging

A Look Ahead:

For the first time in ages, I’ve got 3 posts sitting completed in the queue, ready to publish.

Breathing room. It’s been a while since I had any that could go into production instead of vacation or funk.

I’ve been putting some of my energy into cleaning up old posts with some extra proofreading and new graphics. That’s nice, but it’s time to put some attention on the site itself. We’ve had the same look for the last 2 years, and it’s time to freshen up. In addition, our static pages really haven’t changed much since we started.  

I updated our Resources page, and I’m working on a Blogroll, as well as  “Work With Us” and “Want to Guestpost?” pages. And our About Us page will get a much-needed revision. You can expect a lot of cosmetic changes, but I hope we’ll have some less visible improvements as well.

Thanks again! You keep us going! On to Year 3!

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