Should you Take Out a Parent Loan to Fund Your Kid’s College Cost?

College application season has become a nightmare for parents. While students worry about admission, parents fear college costs. Most parents have admitted that they don’t even know how they can manage the cost. Sky-high college costs make parents panic-stricken instead of proud of the child’s bright future. Many Parents confess they didn’t save (or save enough) money […]

Don’t Kill an Inherited IRA! 6 Things You Absolutely Need to Know

In 2012, I lost my mom. She’d fought cancer and lost, and it was devastating at the time. I no longer get to talk to her, laugh with her or share a meal. Every year, though, she still sends me one tangible gift to remember her by: a distribution from the IRA she left behind. If you inherit an IRA, you’ll need to decide what you are going to do with the IRA before you take control of it. That’s important, because if you do it wrong, you can leave yourself with limited options and a huge tax bill.

How We Replaced (Almost) All of our Warehouse Club Purchases

Joining a warehouse club for savings makes sense for some families. You pay your membership fee and buy things for a discount. As long as your yearly sum of discounts exceeds your membership costs, your warehouse club membership means you’ve saved money. Buying in bulk helps a lot of families save money, and it’s tempting even for Jon, […]